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Family fun at Playback Arcade

Playback Arcade is a freeplay arcade run and owned by enthusiastic long-term gamers and friends, Mark and Nick. They love retro games and want to share what they love with as many people as possible, and so have set all their games to freeplay for unlimited plays, with just a one off admission fee – with extended hours over the Easter holidays!

Over 40 arcade machines, 15 consoles on CRTs, 3 pinball machines and over 100 board games!

Playback Arcade has a fantastic selection of retro games available. For example: Time Crisis 3, House of the Dead, Ridge Racer 2, Scud Race, Area 51, Space Invaders, Initial D, Pac-Man, Crazy Taxi and Dance Dance Revolution (Euromix + Supernova). 

Just added: Sonic Air hockey!

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