Frequently answered questions

We are looking forward to welcoming you back into the centre!

Please see below answers to some commonly answered questions – we hope that this proves useful when planning your next shopping trip. Please do note that guidelines/procedures may change as we all get used to the ‘new normal’, so do keep an eye on our social media channels for any changes.

Do I need to wear a face covering?

In line with the latest Government Guidance, as of Tuesday, 22nd September, it is compulsory to wear a face covering when visiting the shopping centre, shopping in our stores, and when moving around within our restaurants.


Please can you tell me which shops are open?

Please see here for the list of stores which are yet to re-open, all other stores and restaurants not mentioned on this list are now open. We will keep this list updated, so please do check back. Individual store opening hours may have changed, so please check individual store pages for this information.

Are any of the cafes/restaurants open?

Please see the list of stores/cafes/restaurants which are yet to re-open here. All other cafes/restaurants not mentioned on this list are now open. Please check their individual store page for more information.

Have the centre opening hours changed?

Yes – the centre will be open from Monday to Saturday 10:00 – 18:00 (doors will open at 09:00) and 10:00 – 17:00 on Sundays. Individual store opening times will vary, so please check their store pages for info here.

Are the customer toilets open?

Yes – the Level 3 Customer toilets will be open; currently the Level 2 Customer toilets are closed. We would ask our shoppers to give way to those coming out of the toilets, and to follow the one-way system within the Ladies toilets. Every other toilet within both the Ladies & Mens toilets will be closed off to enable physical distancing. Please remember to wash your hands for 20 seconds before exiting the toilets.

Why do you have a one-way system in place?

Our new one-way system helps shoppers keep their distance from each other. The stairs and some escalators are closed in order to enable physical distancing. Please follow directional signage in the Mall and do ask one of the team for help if you need it.

Where can I find hand sanitiser stations?

Hand sanitiser stations will be located at the entrance/exits and at the customer toilets – please do use them as often as needed.

Are any of the cafes/restaurants open?

Please see the list of stores/cafes/restaurants which are open here. At this time, cafes/restaurants will only be offering takeaway – please check their individual store page for more information.

Are all of the Mall entrances open?

All of the Mall entrances are open however, due to the limited width of Greyhound Walk, you will not be able to use this as an exit. We will also be monitoring the number of people within the centre at any one time and – if needed – we will close entrances temporarily to help manage these numbers. If this is needed, there will be clear signage to show which exits are open, and where you need to queue.

What are you doing to keep the centre clean?

Before reopening the centre, we undertook a deep clean, which included using a ‘fogging’ machine (take a look at our video here to see this in action!). Our cleaners will be maintaining high standards as the centre reopens, with regular sanitisation of touch points within the centre, including lift buttons, customer toilets etc.


Is the car park open?

Yes – the car park is open as usual. When paying for your parking, please note that the machines are currently only accepting contactless payment. Please keep your distance from other when queuing to pay. We have also installed signage advising that only one person (or household) should use the car park lifts at any time. Please could you allow others to exit the lift before you enter the lift.


Can I use the lifts in the Mall?

Yes – the lifts in the Mall are in use. In order to help manage physical distancing, we are asking only one person (or household) to use the lifts at any one time. Please allow others to exit the lift before you enter the lift, and queue sensitively whilst waiting.


Is the seating out in the Mall?

Currently we have removed the seating in the Mall. As with all new procedures, we will be reviewing this on a regular basis.


Are stores limiting the number of people who can enter the store at one time?

Before reopening, each store will have completed their own Covid-19 Secure Risk Assessment; as part of this assessment, they will identify the number of people who can be in the store at any time – this will be displayed on the store window. Where needed, there will be queue management systems in place outside each store.


I am parking in The Galleries, but will be visiting Broadmead as well as The Galleries – are you able to tell me which shops are open?

You can visit the Bristol Shopping Quarter website ( to find out which shops are open in Broadmead.

Our reopening plans have been created in partnership with the Bristol City Council, Broadmead BID and other local stakeholders so that our plans are aligned with wider city centre guidelines.