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The Television and Movie Store to open on 15th June

The Television and Movie Store will open its doors on June 15th providing Bristol with a specialist city centre outlet for all things TV and Movie related.

Proprietor Steven Scott who put his plans for the shop into motion in February explained that he wasn’t put off by the Covid lockdown: ‘I have been wanting to open in Bristol for some time as our Cardiff store in The St David’s Centre is regularly visited by Bristolians. When we became aware of the availability of a prime site in Bristol, we decided it was time to expand. We were very fortunate to be able to recruit the ex-Hawkins staff who have a passion for our sort of merchandise. We specialise in Popculture: Star Wars, Doctor Who, Marvel, DC, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and Star Trek are just some of the very many genres we carry. Pop Vinyls, Action figures, collectables, plushies, clothing: you name it we’ve got it, and we also stock The Amazing Mystery Box, a firm favourite in our other branches. We’re all very excited to be defying the odds and putting down new roots. Of course it’s an unusual time, but in the world of Science Fiction and Cult TV, there is no such thing as normal. What better time could there be for us to open?’

The new store will open on the ground floor of The Galleries.

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